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  • Strategically combine spells in an unforgiving open-world.

  • Craft and level-up 2000+ items

  • Alter and master 100+ spells

  • Everything procedurally generated so each run feels fresh

  • Uncover the secrets to the Runegate and the lost Alchemists

The Story

Master The Elements to Save the REalm

A dark force has corrupted the land and the torn have begun to invade.
It is said only the Philosopher's Stone can repair this broken world and drive out the dark forces.
Discover the mysteries of an ancient people and seek out answers to your immortality.
Unlock the power of the Runegate and find the traitorous alchemist within your ranks.
The Game

Extensive Spell Crafting and Spell Combo System

  • 100+ unique spells that combine in real-time to create new spells

  • 9 weapon classes each with their own abilities and playstyles

  • 100+ enemies with unique strengths and weaknesses

  • Thousands of procedural items giving you limitless builds

  • 7 procedurally generated biomes in a brutal open-world

Runegate Lightning.jpg
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The Story
The Game
Firesword and Lightning combat.jpg
The Combos


Spell Combo Infographic.png

100+ Spell Combinations

The Combat


  • Strength: Increases physical damage and defense

  • Agility: Increases attack speed, move speed, and combo window

  • Intelligence: Increases mana generation and crafting skill

  • Vitality: Increases health, lifesteal, and stamina generation

  • Magic: Increases spell power and magic resistance


  • Equipment: Levels up and evolves into new items

Inventory Crafting.jpg

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